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Comparing Juniper Wistar to Eve-NG

Wistar is a tool to build virtual labs with Juniper gear. The main attraction is its ability to abstract devices consisting of separate machines in a single node in your topology. Wistar belongs in the realm of software like Eve-NG or GNS3 and brings some unique features to the table. Read on to find out more and see how it compares.

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Old Aerohive AP’s for the home

Because I run a virtual firewall at home, I have to provide a separate wireless solution. I started out with a cheap Sitecom AP. Later, I swapped that out for a Linksys WRT54GL that first ran custom Tomato firmware and DD-WRT after that. The Linksys got replaced by a Ubiquity that I kind of liked but not that much. When I noticed Aerohive AP120’s and AP121’s can be had on eBay below 20 bucks, I knew what I had to do.

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Choosing new home lab server components

I’ve been looking for some more headroom in the home lab department for a while now. I was actually looking into buying a specific platform (Xeon-D) when I decided to re-evaluate my requirements and the options to fulfill them. What turned out to be the best choice for my situation actually surprised me. The process of making my decision might be interesting to others as well, so read on for the details.

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