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OpenBSD firewall with pf using Ansible

I’ve created an Ansible project that can be used to configure and manage an OpenBSD firewall running pf and dhcpd. The project can be found here on Github. The playbooks can be used to bootstrap a fresh install, do all of the setup and configuration tasks and make changes later to a running system. All of the state is put in the variables under host_vars.

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Tips and tricks for a mobile EVE-NG lab

Most of my lab work gets done on a laptop these days. I like to run an EVE-NG lab and connect it to several other VM’s. There are some challenges in doing that on my mobile Windows device as compared to having a dedicated ESXi box for it. Most of those challenges are now solved so I’d like to share some of my findings.
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Building a redundant firewall with PfSense and CARP

This post is about building a redundant firewall with PfSense by utilizing CARP (Common Address Redundancy Protocol). PfSense is an open source firewall with enterprise features. PfSense is typically found at the edge of a network, but it can also be used to provide internal isolation. Both physical and virtual installations are supported.
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