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Preparing for the CCNP TSHOOT exam

This week I finally finished my CCNP R&S studies by passing the TSHOOT exam. This exam was the most fun to prepare because it brings all the previous efforts together and because it’s hands-on. I’d like to share my preparation strategy and my lab build hoping that it will help other people too.

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Ansible and Cisco IOS intro

You can use Ansible to do a whole lot of tasks for you. I’ve been doing some basic tasks on Cisco IOS devices. In this article, I’ll show you how to get started with Ansible for Cisco IOS by providing some background information, some pointers and an example. For the lab setup, Eve-NG with Cisco IOL devices is being used.
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Setting up the successor to UnetLab: EVE-NG!

I’m happy to bring an update to my previous article about Unetlab. The successor to Unetlab, named EVE-NG, is now released. EVE-NG stands for Emulated Virtual Environment Next Generation and it’s packed with cool new features. I will describe some of them in this article, along with the setup procedure which is very similar to setting up Unetlab.
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HPE ProCurve port mirroring warning

There’s a bit of unexpected behaviour on ProCurve switches when configuring port mirroring if you come from a Cisco background. Ports that are configured as a destination for port mirroring are still actively participating in their configured broadcast domain(s). I have witnessed the most severe possible consequence in the form of a bridging loop on two core switches. For that reason, I see a warning as due diligence.
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