New: series on Lab Time!

I’m proud to announce the release of my first two series on Lab Time! The first series is about Eve-NG and it’s basically all my content about that topic bundled together. The second series is about my Juniper studies.

Doing series on Lab Time has been on my mind since the start of this blog. I’m happy that I can now present the first two series to you. Both of them will be expanded in the future when more content becomes available. I plan do work out a few more topics about Eve-NG and since I’m planning on getting some cool certs from Juniper, the series about my studies for them will definitely see more content too. I want to do additional topics as well. Linux networking, Openstack basics and networking fundamentals are some idea’s that I have, but no guarantees about when they will be started yet.

The main page that links to all series on Lab Time is located here:

You can find the first series about Eve-NG right here:

The second series about Juniper Studies is right here:

You can of course also use the new button in the menu bar at the top to find the series easily. If you have suggestions for topics or if you have any other feedback at all, feel free to leave a comment or contact me on Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook.