Juniper Studies: SP track material

This is my list of study material for the Juniper Service Provider certification track. I will keep this list updated in accordance with my own progress and with any good suggestions I might get. Most of the material is focused on the JNCIS-SP and JNCIP-SP exams but some of it continues to be of value up to the JNCIE.

I started by studying for the ENT track but decided to switch to the SP track. I had already finished both the routing and the switching guide for JNCIS-ENT. Luckily, there is a lot of overlap in the exam objectives for JNCIS-ENT and JNCIS-SP, the SP track basically just adds some extra stuff.

Official information

In the official information, recommendations for studying materials can be found. Note that Juniper also recommends following the official courses, but those are expensive and might not be accessible to most folks. This is a reason for me to not focus too much on the official materials. The courseware from the official courses can be bought separately. The books are still expensive but not as bad as the courses. The courseware library can only be viewed with a valid account. Day One is Junipers library with free resources, but you do need your JNet account to get access. The This Week library is something similar.

Official study materials
Additional study materials

Besides the official recommendation, there is a lot of other material out there that you can use to learn about the Juniper SP topics, including a lot more material from Juniper itself. The following list aims to provide a complete set of materials to learn about every exam topic, at least up to the JNCIP level.