Announcing Some Lab Time Changes

Somewhere in the following weeks I will be trying to migrate this blog away from WordPress to a static site construction. Right now I have my eyes set on the combination of Hugo and AWS. There are still a lot of details to figure out. This post is basically to announce the change. If you want to keep following me, please keep an eye on my website or my Facebook or Twitter accounts, because the move might break my old RSS feed. More details will follow as my migration progresses.

Default Gateway Behavior On Cisco Switches

On Cisco switches that do not perform routing, setting up a default route or a default gateway can be a little bit confusing. I’ve seen some configuration drift in our network recently were incorrect settings caused some switches to become unreachable for management. Read on to find out the details.

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Building A Network Automation Lab

While preparing to dive into Ansible and Nornir a lot more, I decided to set up a good lab environment. Making use of Eve-NG and some well-known Linux tools, you can build whatever you need. I’ve built a simple topology based on Cisco for switching and Juniper for routing, to try out any automation tool I choose. Read on to find out more.

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Running HAProxy and Let’s Encrypt on Docker

I had to migrate my reverse proxy away from the PfSense package to a standalone solution. One requirement was having automated certificates from Let’s Encrypt. Manually setting up all kinds of Linux applications will become tedious, so once again we’re looking at leveraging Docker to simplify operations.

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